Migrating to another server


Some time during your stay with us, you may want to migrate to a newer, more powerful, and capable server. We periodically release major hosting platforms built off the latest Redhat Enterprise Linux releases. You may do so at any time within the control panel by opening a ticket under HelpTrouble Tickets.

Migrations are 100% free, result in zero downtime, and take 24 hours to complete.

Process overview

Migrations occur in 2 phases:

  1. Stage One, a preview stage in which your files are migrated to the new server:
    • account created on destination server
      • if you run background services, the preassigned ports will change. You are responsible for updating configuration files to avoid having these processes automatically killed on the new server
    • files, users, e-mail addresses, and databases are copied over
    • DNS TTL is reduced to 60 seconds for domains that are designated our hosting nameservers, ns1.apnscp.com and ns2.apnscp.com
      • this change takes 24 hours to safely propagate
      • Important: for domains not hosted through ns1.apnscp.com and ns2.apnscp.com, you will be required to manually make the IP address adjustments
    • You may preview your domain on the new server upon notification Stage One has completed.
  2. Stage Two finalizes changes exactly 24 hours after Stage One completes:
    • files, users, e-mail addresses, and database changes since Stage One are committed to the new server
      • databases on new server leftover from Stage One are first dropped, then recreated before importing schema
    • any scheduled tasks are now copied to the server and set to run
      • scheduled tasks on the old server are disabled to prevent duplicating tasks
    • IP address is changed from the old server IP to new server IP, TTL is increased back to 12 hours
    • account on old server is deactivated in favor of the new server
      • Note: this change will take 4-6 hours to update when logging into the control panel via apnscp.com

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